Eightieth Meeting of the Transpennine Topology Triangle

University of Manchester
Thursday 14th July 2011

Supported by the London Mathematical Society  


Talks will be in the Frank Adams room of the Alan Turing Building.



Stephen Theriault (Aberdeen)

Homotopy types of polyhedral products for shifted complexes

We prove a conjecture of Bahri, Bendersky, Cohen and Gitler: if K is a shifted simplicial complex on n vertices, X_1, ... , X_n are spaces and CX_i is the cone on X_i, then the polyhedral product determined by K and the pairs (CX_i,X_i) is homotopy equivalent to a wedge of suspensions of smashes of the X_i's. This is joint work with Jelena Grbic, and it generalises our earlier work in the case when each X_i is a loop space. Connections are made to toric topology, combinatorics, and classical homotopy theory.





David Quinn (Belfast)

Generalized finite domination via projective toric  schemes

A finite f.g. free R[T,T^-1]-module chain complex C is said to be _R-finitely dominated_ if it is
R-module chain equivalent to a finite chain complex of f.g. projective R-modules. Using purely algebraic methods, Ranicki gives a condition for finite domination when T is a single indeterminate. We describe how this condition may be recovered using toric methods, and how these methods can be used to obtain conditions for finite domination when T is a set of
finitely many indeterminates.

This talk is based on joint work with Thomas H\"uttemann.




Taras Panov (Moscow State University)

Geometric structures on moment-angle manifolds

Moment-angle complexes are spaces acted on by a torus and parametrised by finite simplicial complexes. They are central objects in toric topology, and currently are gaining much interest
in the homotopy theory. Due to their combinatorial origins, moment-angle complexes also find applications in combinatorial geometry and commutative algebra. Moment-angle complexes corresponding to simplicial subdivision of spheres are topological manifolds, and those
corresponding to simplicial polytopes admit smooth realisations as intersection of real quadrics in C^m.

After an introductory part describing the general properties of moment-angle complexes we shall concentrate on the complex-analytic and Lagrangian aspects of the theory.

We show that the moment-angle manifolds corresponding to complete simplicial fans admit nonKaehler complex-analytic structures. This generalises the known construction of complex-analytic structures on polytopal moment-angle manifolds, coming from identifying them as LVM-manifolds. We proceed by describing the Dolbeault cohomology and certain Hodge numbers of moment-angle manifolds by applying the Borel spectral sequence to holomorphic principal bundles over toric varieties.

A new wide family of minimal Lagrangian submanifolds N in C^m or CP^m can be constructed from intersections of real quadrics. These submanifolds have the following topological properties: every N embeds in the corresponding moment-angle manifold Z, and every N is the total space of two different fibrations, one over the torus T^{m-n} with fibre a real moment-angle manifold R, and another over a small cover with fibre a torus. These properties are used to produce new examples of Lagrangian submanifolds with quite complicated topology.

Different parts of this talk are based on joint works with Victor Buchstaber, Andrei Mironov and Yuri Ustinovsky.

Everyone who wishes to participate is welcome, particularly postgraduate students. We shall operate the usual criteria for assistance with travel expenses, but beneficiaries will need to complete the standard forms (available from the main TTT page). NI numbers and details of UK bank accounts are needed to complete the form. 

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