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The Transpennine Topology Triangle is a topology seminar partially supported by the London Mathematical Society. It has nodes at Leicester, Liverpool and Sheffield.

Next activity: TTT114 will take place online on Monday 29th March 2021, hosted by the University of Liverpool.

The speakers will be David Chataur (Amiens), Sylvain Douteau (L’Institut de Recherche En Informatique Fondamental, Paris) and Alice Hedenlund (Oslo).

Details are available at the link above.

Recent activity: LMS sponsored lecture series "Model categories by example" by Scott Balchin (MPIM Bonn), November 2020.

Related organizations: Spanish Topology Network, GDR Topologie Algébrique et Applications,
Applied Algebraic Topology Network 


Frank Neumann (Leicester) fn8 (\a\t)

Sarah Whitehouse (Sheffield) s.whitehouse (\a\t)

Jon Woolf (Liverpool)  Jonathan.Woolf (\a\t)


The LMS believes that all parents working in mathematics should be able to attend research meetings without being hindered by childcare costs and thereby administers a Childcare Supplementary Grant Scheme.


Expenses claims


Speakers are paid travel and overnight stay and are invited to dinner. Participants from the three vertices can claim travel expenses for TTT meetings. 

University of Sheffield staff should use the online expenses system. 

Others should please download and complete one of the expenses forms below as appropriate and a travel and accommodation form. (Both are needed.) 

            expenses form (University of Sheffield students)

            expenses form (others)

      travel and accommodation form

Please return completed hard copies to: Sarah Whitehouse, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Hicks Building, University of Sheffield, S3 7RH.

If you have queries, please email Sarah at the address above.


TTT members' homepages

Frank Neumann's homepage
Neil Strickland's homepage

Sarah Whitehouse's homepage

Jon Woolf's homepage

Mailing List

If you need the mailing list, please apply to Sarah Whitehouse.

Past events

TTT logo in blue

TTT1: Inaugural meeting and Adams Lectures Manchester (June 12-14 1995)
TTT2: First Sheffield meeting Sheffield (2nd October 1995)
TTT3: First Leicester meeting Leicester (27th November 1995)
TTT4: Manchester (12th February 1996)
TTT5: Sheffield (3-4 June 1996) Sheffield Strickland Sandwich meeting
TTT6: Manchester (11th November 1996)
TTT7: Sheffield (9th December 1996)
TTT8: Leicester (24th January 1997)

TTT9: Manchester (10th March 10th 1997)
TTT10: Leicester (17th September 17th 1997)
TTT11: Manchester (26th November 1997)
TTT12:Sheffield (27th January 1998)
TTT13:Leicester (9th March 1998)
TTT14:Sheffield (18th May 1998)
TTT15:Leicester (30th July 1998)
TTT16:UMIST (23rd October 1998)
TTT17:Sheffield (11th December 1998)
TTT18:Manchester (10th February 1999)
TTT19:Leicester (1st March 1999)
TTT20:Sheffield (28th May 1999)
TTT21:UMIST (27th October 1999)
TTT22:Sheffield (13th December 1999)
TTT23:Sheffield (4th February 2000)
TTT24:Leicester (6th March 2000)
TTT25:Manchester (15th May 2000)
TTT26:Leicester (20th September 2000)
TTT27:Sheffield (6th November 2000)
TTT28:Manchester (21st February 2001)
TTT29:Leicester (30th May 2001)
TTT30:Sheffield (11th July 2001)
TTT31 Sheffield (29th October 2001)
TTT32:Manchester (19th November 2001)
TTT33:Leicester (1st March 2002)
TTT34 Sheffield (20th May 2002)
TTT35 Manchester (30th July 2002)
TTT36:Leicester (28th October 2002)
TTT37 Sheffield (25th November 2002)
TTT38 Manchester (20th January 2003)
TTT39 Leicester (4th March 2003)
TTT40 Sheffield (20th May 2003)
TTT41 Manchester (20th October 2003)
TTT42 Leicester (1st December 2003)
TTT43 Manchester (29th January 2004)
TTT44 Sheffield (19th March 2004)
TTT45 Leicester (16th June 2004)
TTT46 Manchester (18th October 2004)
TTT47 Sheffield (23rd November 2004)
TTT48 Leicester (14th February 2005)
TTT49 Sheffield (14th April 2005)
TTT50 Leicester (16th May 2005)
TTT51 Sheffield (21st October 2005)
TTT52 Manchester (6th December 2005)
TTT53 Leicester (27th February 2006)
TTT54 Sheffield (24th April 2006)
TTT55 Sheffield (06/06/06)
TTT56 Manchester (15th August 2006)
TTT57 Leicester (26th October 2006)
TTT58 Sheffield (28th November 2006)
TTT59 Manchester (13th February 2007)
TTT60 Leicester (26th April 2007)
TTT61 Sheffield (23rd October 2007)
TTT62 OU, Manchester (4th December 2007)
TTT63 Leicester (18th January 2008)
TTT64 Manchester (7th April 2008)
TTT65 Sheffield (4th June 2008)
TTT66 Leicester (3rd November 2008)
TTT67 Sheffield (9th December 2008)
TTT68 Manchester (19th January 2009)
TTT69 Sheffield (14th May 2009)
TTT70 Manchester (2nd and 3rd November 2009)
TTT71 Leicester (7th December 2009)
TTT72 Sheffield (2nd February 2010)
TTT73 Warwick (23rd March 2010)
TTT74 Manchester (5th July 2010)
TTT75 Sheffield (21st October 2010)
TTT76 Leicester (18th November 2010)

TTT77 Manchester (10th January 2011)

TTT78 Leicester (18th April 2011)

TTT79 Sheffield (8th June 2011)

TTT80 Manchester (14th July 2011)

TTT81 Sheffield (4th November 2011)

TTT82 Leicester (2nd December 2011)

TTT83 Nottingham (23rd March 2012)

TTT84 Sheffield (11th July 2012)

TTT85 Manchester (22nd October 2012)

TTT86 Sheffield (10th January 2013)

TTT87 Leicester (6th March 2013)

TTT88 Manchester (17th May 2013)

TTT89 Leicester (22nd November 2013)

TTT90 Sheffield (16th December 2013)

TTT91 Manchester (23rd May 2014)

TTT92 Sheffield (17th July 2014)

TTT93 Leicester (12th November 2014)

TTT94 Sheffield (12th January 2015)

TTT95 Manchester (23rd March 2015)

TTT96 Leicester (3rd June 2015)

TTT97 Sheffield (27th November 2015)

TTT98 Leicester (11th March 2016)

TTT99 Sheffield (14th July 2016)

TTT100 Manchester (6th-7th September 2016) Special meeting to celebrate the one hundredth TTT

TTT101 Leicester (24th November 2016)

TTT102 Sheffield (27th February 2017)

TTT103 Liverpool (30th June 2017)

TTT104 Sheffield (20th July 2017)

TTT105 Sheffield (24th January 2018)

TTT106 Leicester (28th March 2018)

TTT107 Liverpool (17th July 2018)

TTT108 Sheffield (31st October 2018)

TTT109 Leicester (8th March 2019) dedicated to the memory of Sir Michael Atiyah. [Some videos of the talks are available from the link.]

TTT110 Liverpool (15th May 2019)

TTT111 Sheffield (11th July 2019)

TTT112 Warwick (16th January 2020)

TTT113 Online (hosted by Sheffield) (15th December 2020)



John Hunton
Dirk Schütz


Jinan Al-Asady
Mudheher Al-Bayati 

Ahmed Al-Hindawe

Heyam Alkhayyat

Samirah Alsulami

Alex Clark

Kieran Fleming

Julia Goedecke 

Sheila McCann
Zeki Mirza

Frank Neumann 

Simona Paoli 

Teimuraz Pirashvili

Jason Semeraro 
Petra Staynova
Andy Tonks

Luis Barbosa Torres


Oliver Anderson
Alessio Cipriani
Lucas das Dores
Thomas Eckl
Aeran Fleming
Victor Goryunov
Vladimir Guletskii
Cordelia Henderson-Moggach
Oleg Karpenkov
Vitaliy Kurlin
Stephen Nand-Lal
Stefano Nicotra
Anna Pratoussevitch
Ryan Wissett
Jon Woolf


Peter Eccles
Hovhannes Khudaverdyan
Mike Prest
Nige Ray
Peter Symonds
Theodore Voronov
Grant Walker
Reg Wood


Nicola Bellumat

Tom Bridgeland

James Brotherston

James Cranch

Ben Fuller 

Dan Graves

Oliver House

Frazer Jarvis 

Sam Marsh

Joseph Martin

Ieke Moerdijk

Paul Mitchener 

Callum Reader

Fionntan Roukema

Neil Strickland

Leyna Watson May

Sarah Whitehouse

Simon Willerton


Martin Crossley
Grigory Garkusha

Jeffrey Giansiracusa


Scott Balchin

John Greenlees

Alan Robinson
John Jones
Ulrich Sommers


Christian Ausoni

Andy Baker

Jonathan Barker
Thomas Bier
Roger Bielawski
Martin Bridson

Ronnie Brown

Bob Bruner

Victor Buchstaber

John Calabrese

Dan Christensen

Francis Clarke

Hellen Colman

Kostya Feldman

Imma Galvez

Hansjoerg Geiges

David Gepner
Vassily Gorbunov

Jelena Grbic

Jean-Guillaume Grebet

Dan Isaksen

Srikanth Iyengar
Ioan James

Johannes Kellendonk

Henning Krause

Vitaliy Kurlin

Mark Lawson
Ian Leary

Amnon Neeman

Mara Neusel

Taras Panov

Minh Pham

Tim Porter

Constanze Roitzheim
Paolo Salvatore

Jonathan Scott

Joel Segal

Johann Sigurdsson
Jim Stasheff
Wilson Sutherland
Ulrike Tillmann

Stavros Tsalidis
Paul Turner
Nathalie Wahl

Nick Wright

Samuel Wuethrich

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